Basic features

Ultimate rigging tool kit is intended for:

  • make different rigging lines for you models:

- 2-, 3- or 4-stranded,
- with/without the core,
- plain laid or cable laid,
- left or right lay.

  • do any jobs where one rope is to be wound round the other.

- serve ropes,
- make beckets,
- strop blocks,
- make eye-splices,
- lay seizings,
- make stay mouse (diamond knot)

Package Contents

Choosing the right PL4 machine

Please consider followings choosing the PL4 ropewalk:

  • PL4-3 makes 3-strand ropes and cables little bit better and easier than PL4-4.
  • 4-strand ropes are rarely used on models and can be made using VR3.1 which is included.

Machines from this kit can be shipped separately.