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Basic features

Universal REWINDER in intended for rewinding threads, yarns, etc. from one source to another, from a bobbin to take-up spool.
It can rewind from:

  • one open-end bobbin up to 190 mm height and 100 mm diameter.

It can rewind to:

  • double-flanged spools of the same size. Max. length available for spools is 200 mm ;
  • one open-end bobbin up to 200 mm height and 90 mm diameter.

Thread to spool rewind allows:

  • straight wind;
  • cross wind.

Equipped with

  • thread breakage sensor (can be disabled);
  • tension control (can be bypassed);
  • "ABC Holder" (adaptable bobbin change) for easy bobbin change. Suitable for various types of source bobbins;
  • microcontroller based Smart Control block with LCD screen, joystick and several optical sensors for optimal performance.

Smart Control block is implemented with

  • "SoftDrive" allows to set main drive acceleration and deceleration time for smooth start;
  • "AdaptiveSpeed" allows rewind speed to be determined by job type and spool settings;
  • "WhereAmI" allows lead to be positioned with high precision;
  • "TotalRecall" allows to store up to 29 profiles with unique parameters;Built-in programmable Smart Control Unit;
  • "TeachingMode" allows to quick set and store desired parameters.

The design and color of the machine may differ from that shown.


Fully automated Universal REWINDER with Smart Control block

Fully automated Universal REWINDER with Smart Control block | Domanoffs Workshop

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