Mini disk sander "NanoGrinder" 2.0 | Domanoffs Workshop

Basic features

  • Mini disk sander "NanoGrinder” is intended for working with wood, nonferrous metals, steel, plastic, cork and rubber.
  • Grinding disks of 60 mm in diameter are firmly attached with double side tape or with velcro (hook & loop), which allows prompt replacement.
  • Grinding disks rotating speed and direction are adjustable.
  • The gap between the worktable and grinding disk is adjustable.
  • Soft pads eliminate excessive noise and vibration.
  • The opening in the table butt and flat motor cover allow fastening the machine with a clamp to the working table.

Package Contents

  • Guiding stop-protractor. Allows to set both free and preset angles with pitch of 15 and 22,5 degrees.
  • Two abrasive disks (with hook & loop and without it), grain 100.
  • EU power supply*.

The design of the machine may differ from that shown.


Mini disk sander "NanoGrinder" 2.0 - Assembling video instruction

Mini disk sander "NanoGrinder" 2.0 - Assembling video instruction | Domanoffs Workshop

This video is about how to assemble Mini disk sander "NanoGrinder" 2.0.

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