Making stay mouse (diamond knot) option | Domanoffs Workshop

Basic features

Making stay mouse (diamond knot) Option is intended to simplify process of making diamond knot on stays.

Package Contents

  • “Mouse” big wheel
  • “Mouse” small wheel

Can be used with:

MOUSE. A large knob, in the shape of a pear, formed on stays; also a smaller one round messengers, by intertwisting a small rope round the strands.

Mainstay with stay collar:

  1. Stay eye at main masterhead;
  2. MOUSE;
  3. Spliced eye;
  4. Leather parceling;
  5. Stay;
  6. Upper heart;
  7. Lanyard;
  8. Lower heart;
  9. Stay collar from 18th centure, fully served

Model stay mouse:

  1. Basic shape built up from wood;
  2. Vertical threads;
  3. Horizontal "darning"

Will be available soon.