[OC13600-OS] Supplement for OcCre CORSAIR | Domanoffs Workshop

Basic features

  • All these parts are made of pear on СNC machine and replace parts of model which are standard casted and therefore look quite coarse.
  • Accurate open-work parts of this kit add elegance to the ready CORSAIR model.

Package contents

  • Name plate “Corsair” – 1 pc.
  • Aft decoration – 1 pc.
  • Ornamental curls – 2 pairs.
  • Doors – 2 pcs.
  • Aft and side windows in wooden frames with lattice imitation – 5 pcs.
  • Plates for side galleries – 2 pcs.


The name plate, doors, aft decoration and plates for side galleries do not require assembly. After finishing treatment place them into corresponding positions instead of the parts offered by the kit.

You might need to bend the aft decoration so that it fits the aft curve. To do so make several cuts on the back side of the aft decoration.

The border has to be glued of two symmetrical parts with grooves facing out. Then the border can be placed into its position.

Prior to assembling the windows work the glass panes with fine sand paper (#240 and finer) to make them frosted.

Fine finish window frames.

Cut a piece of veneer (included) into the planks which form lattices and glue them into the grooves on window panes.

Insert window panes with lattices into the window frames from the back. If needed, round the corners a little and sand off the panes’ edges so that they fit flat into the corresponding groove on the frame.

As a result you should get the window looking like the one shown on fig.

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