Swedish privateer | Domanoffs Workshop
Swedish privateer | Domanoffs Workshop

Scale – 1:36 (3 feet of original size per 1 inch of the model)

Size – 130*110*50 cm

Materials – wood (alpine pear, American cherry, walnut), metal (brass, copper), cotton (sails), polyester (rigging).

The model is built in classical scale used for museum models. Large scale and big model size have allowed to show the model down to the smallest detail without simplification. For instance, all seams on the sails are real, not imitated as it is common for smaller models. All ropes are wound the same way as the original ropes and cables were wound. The ropes are made to the scale, the rigging is full, without simplifications. The hull of the model is composite multilayered, which provides temperature stability and long life-time. All parts of the model are covered with a wax based compound which provides long preservation. The decor is made of wood in accordance with the original drawing.

The reconstruction is performed on the basis of the antique drawing of the famous naval architect, Fredrik Chapman (the album «"Architectura navalis mercatoria", page ХХХIХ drawing 9).

The original ship was built round 1760-1770. Its specification was as follows:

Molded length  83 ft
Width 22.4 ft
Draught 9.4 ft
Gun port height above the wate 3.9 ft
Nr. of guns

12 x 4 lb

Crew 90
Food supplies 2.5 months
Water supplies 1.25 months
Oars 9 pairs
Rigging ketch

Privateer – sea-going merchantman, armed by its owner with the government's permission to act against enemy merchantmen in war-time.